A Half Birthday.

Today, we celebrate this sassy, funny, rock-loving, cow-crazy beauty who lights up the room when she enters :: she's officially been running our lives for a year and a half

Whew. Thank goodness, because I'm terrible with remembering the months, and now have a solid answer for when people ask how old she is. ;-)

Here are a few fun facts about PEP, at this stage of life:

She {usually} never meets a stranger -- which I attribute to her time at livestock shows and our friends plucking her from the backdrop for adventures. 

She announces "hi!" when entering a place of business or when the front door opens . . . every time. She also likes to greet people when riding in a shopping cart, in any store. She enjoys it so much, she'll say "hi" until they answer her back. 

She waves, high fives, fist bumps, says "bye" and "see you!" upon leaving. 

She's recently learned to twirl, and will insist you help her dance whenever anyone on the television is doing so. She's also danced at approximately 5 wedding receptions, so, she's basically an expert at the dancing. 

Every horse is called Okie in her book. Our Danes are all referred to as Pearl. 

She's a little partial to her mama. 

She likes to count, but only uses the numbers two, nine, six, and sometimes, one. She LOVES shoes, and knows that to go outside, she has to have them on. She also loves hats, but they don't usually stay on her head long. 

She dislikes it when you play with or try to fix her hair -- her {Gundy} is fine, thank you very much.

When it comes to the television, her favorites include Netflix's Spirit, Bubble Guppies, Maya the Bee Movie, and Beauty and the Beast -- animated or new. 

She'd rather be {out} "side" than anywhere else, and loves to play in water. A pool, puddle, dog water ... you name it, she's in it. 

Honestly. We aren't sure what life would be like without her. Happy half birthday, daughter. You are the best.