Web (re)Launch: Trogdon Show Pigs

A number of years ago, my friends at Trogdon Show Pigs entrusted me to craft a logo and website for their business. It was good for the time, a complete custom build utilizing Adobe Dreamweaver and graphics designed in Illustrator. 

I'll be the first to admit that updating it wasn't easy, nor was it timely. In short, it was time to revamp the old site in favor of responsive design, parallax scrolling, easier updating ... and photos of some of the best mean-mugging, showmanship-winning, hog showmen in the U.S. 

The new site is officially up, and I'm a fan. I'm also biased. ;-)

As with any project, we will still be making improvements to the site in the weeks and months to come, and adding in more champion photos from years-past. Check it out at the link below. 


Web Launch: Certified Oklahoma Bred Association

Proud to share the official launch of the Certified Oklahoma Bred Association (COBA) website, today!

This site provides a home for all relevant documents for the nonprofit association's use and has beautiful parallax scrolling of some unbelievable Oklahoma-bred hog ring shots – from ShowChampions Photography {photographer Alicia Castaneda} and the Oklahoma Youth Expo  {photographer J.D. Rosman}.


It features a responsive breeder directory, utilizing an Airtable database, sorting data based on any of the featured information. 


The site also has news and event features, with easily sharable options for social media and saving directly to your calendar. 


This content-forward, responsive site is optimized for various devices, and is ideal for users with varying internet speeds and user experience levels. 

Have a web or design project you want to complete? Let's chat! Fill out the contact form on my site to inquire about your next project! 

Gert Calves Are Adorable.

With their big ears and gap teeth, baby calves are, in general, adorable. 

This guy . . .  in all his ginger goodness, maybe breaks the mold. 

A purebred Santa Gertrudis shot at Reynolds Prairie View Farms near Warner, Oklahoma; I think he just wanted his moment in the spotlight. Even though momma kept urging him to leave as I scooted closer, he just kept those big ears cocked and curious. 


Okay. So he tried to hide for a second. 

Happy Thanksgiving from these pretty ears, y'all. 

Happy Thanksgiving from these pretty ears, y'all. 

Web Launch: Oklahoma Beef Checkoff

Proud to share the official launch of the Oklahoma Beef Checkoff Campaign website, today! 


As members of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association and Class 25 of the Cattlemen's Leadership Academy, my husband and I are two of many Oklahoma ranchers who are choosing to vote YES on a second state checkoff dollar. 

I could let you read my soapbox here, but I'd rather you visit the site – it says it all*. 

*But, if I were to share my soapbox, it would say something about this content-forward, responsive site being optimized for various devices and how it's ideal for users with varying internet speeds and user experience levels. 

Boo-Tows, Toddler Fashion, and a Happy Father's Day

Months ago, I took photos of Patton, and Cody . . . wait. No. I'm ALWAYS taking photos of Patton. 

These photos, though, are probably my [current] favorite, and I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share them with the world. Today seems fitting. 

I present to you, Patton Elise with her "boo-toowws", Great Dane, "hosses", rocks, micro fashion, and "Daaa-ey" [daddy] -- who is also, sometimes, called momma. ;-)


Happy Father's Day, Cody. Thanks for being the best dad Patton's ever had. ;-) 


Collins Tassel Sweater Vest :: Bailey's Blossoms
Baby Headband "Starting Out" (similar) :: Dillards
Old West Toddler Boots

Three reasons your kids should join FFA

It's National FFA Week, which means 579,678 FFA members representing 7,570 chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are celebrating the agriculture and food industries in recognition of George Washington's birthday and his legacy as an agriculturist and farmer.

Agriculture shaped who I am as a person. As a farmer's daughter, agriculture is not only part of my DNA, but also part of my future. As an alumna of Oklahoma State University with a degree in agricultural communications and a master's in international agriculture, agriculture paved my path as a communicator, designer and photographer.


While I took my tenure as an FFA member all the way to the stage at the National FFA Convention to receive my American FFA Degree, I understand going all in may not be for everyone. I get it. As a mom to a tiny human myself, I'm already learning how difficult it can be to juggle all the schedules. 

However, FFA instills more life-long skills in our future leaders than many other organizations. And, for that, I'm eternally grateful. 

Three reasons your kids should join FFA

  1. You don't need to be a farmer or rancher to be an FFA member.
    FFA is equal-opportunity. Whether you're rural, urban or suburban, you enjoy photography, science, nutrition or engineering, FFA supports your goals and ambitions. 
  2. You learn by doing.
    Through the more than 30 career development events such as horticulture, agricultural communications, farm business management and more, members learn through hands-on, industry-focused, real-world events. 
  3. It's a family affair.
    As an FFA alumna and ag teacher's wife, I can speak for the moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and community leaders who build up FFA members and support their projects. From volunteering countless hours at county livestock shows to driving hundreds of miles to national convention, an entire community supports tomorrow's leaders. 

And, while we're at it, a bonus reason: because your kids just might meet the friends they carry with them for the rest of their lives.