Baby Mama | Hilary

The sister of a dear friend and fellow photographer, this mama left me speechless with her natural beauty set against the wild of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

When I got the phone call to help my fellow “Stacy” capture her sister in all her maternity glow, I was pretty excited.

The day dawned with a ton of promise, but as the afternoon wore on, sudden Oklahoma, pop-up storms arrived. I left home in the middle of a downpour, while they drove across the state in one … and both arrived to clearing skies and a brief sunset in the refuge. {Insert all the praise hands emojis here.}

From the prairie to the top of Mount Scott, Hilary’s Amazon-sourced maternity dress was magic, popping perfectly against the nature around. Baby bumps are pretty exciting, don’t you agree?!

Co-Photographer: Stacy Oldenburg Photography
Dress: Amazon