Janice + Mike

It's rare that a person finds true love for a second time.

Janice and Mike have both loved, with every fiber of their beings, and suffered great loss with the passing of their respective spouses. They truly know the depths marriage vows can reach, but also, the great joys that come from spending a lifetime with the love of your life.

Having a front row seat to this new relationship was quite possibly the most fun I've had, in terms of engagement sessions. These two have thrown caution to the wind, and are pursuing each other with a hope for tomorrow ... all made possible by a single offer of ice cream on a hot afternoon.

Tori + Jeremiah

On a dreary Oklahoma morning, Tori and Jeremiah rolled up to the ranch - horses and cow dogs in tow - for a perfect, punchy portrait session. I've been over-the-moon to serve as Tori's official photographer since she asked me last fall, since, of course, she's little sister to one of my favorite humans.

The orneriness and love between Tori and Jeremiah was just a joy to capture. They made my job easy, man.