Baby Mama | Hilary

The sister of a dear friend and fellow photographer, this mama left me speechless with her natural beauty set against the wild of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

When I got the phone call to help my fellow “Stacy” capture her sister in all her maternity glow, I was pretty excited.

The day dawned with a ton of promise, but as the afternoon wore on, sudden Oklahoma, pop-up storms arrived. I left home in the middle of a downpour, while they drove across the state in one … and both arrived to clearing skies and a brief sunset in the refuge. {Insert all the praise hands emojis here.}

From the prairie to the top of Mount Scott, Hilary’s Amazon-sourced maternity dress was magic, popping perfectly against the nature around. Baby bumps are pretty exciting, don’t you agree?!

Co-Photographer: Stacy Oldenburg Photography
Dress: Amazon

Birth Story: The Herrin Twins

Remember my best, good, {pregnant} friend who was recently featured on the blog? No? She's here: and my goodness, I'm still in awe of how gorgeous she was carrying twins. 

It just so happens, I was within 20 minutes when Ashley called to say they were at the hospital, and the twins were going to come by C-Section in an hour. Being able to capture the moments leading up to and after the births of Harper and Grayson :: definitely what I'd call a God-thing. 

I'm blessed to call Ashley and Hayden friends, and I look forward to the years ahead, capturing this wonderful family of 5. 

Baby Mama: Ashley Herrin

I've written. Deleted. Re-written. Deleted. And here we are.

The following photos, taken at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, capture the essence of the very being of Ashley Garza Herrin. 

The woman who exhibits grace under pressure, has a mean locker room dance, laughs from the pit of her belly and sets the standard as a wife and mother.

She's never too proud to ask for help, lend an ear to a friend or simply be present. 

I'm honored to capture Ashley ... and her twins, Harper and Grayson. Humbled and honored.