Boo-Tows, Toddler Fashion, and a Happy Father's Day

Months ago, I took photos of Patton, and Cody . . . wait. No. I'm ALWAYS taking photos of Patton. 

These photos, though, are probably my [current] favorite, and I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share them with the world. Today seems fitting. 

I present to you, Patton Elise with her "boo-toowws", Great Dane, "hosses", rocks, micro fashion, and "Daaa-ey" [daddy] -- who is also, sometimes, called momma. ;-)


Happy Father's Day, Cody. Thanks for being the best dad Patton's ever had. ;-) 


Collins Tassel Sweater Vest :: Bailey's Blossoms
Baby Headband "Starting Out" (similar) :: Dillards
Old West Toddler Boots