Banks + Gilbert + Gillett

Approachable is not a typical word used to describe attorneys. Especially when they're the type of attorneys who "give a damn" about you, your case and getting you the best possible outcome. 

This spring I partnered with Brooke (my ride-or-die-and-stop-for-snacks soulmate) of Rural Gone Urban to create an approachable, relatable dot com with true-to-brand portraits and unique stock photography. 

For those keepers of small businesses, you may know purchasing stock photography is a bit pricy and the options can be limited. Armed with my favorite lenses we took to the local neighborhood, North Lincoln and downtown Oklahoma City to document images to be used in marketing collateral throughout the next year. 

Man, this was a fun project. 

For you: a few of my favorite portraits. 

P.S. Hire these guys for all your lawyering needs. They're the best.