Senior Sisters: Makenzie + Jordan

Brought together by marriage and united by an inexplicable bond, Jordan and Makenzie are quirky, confident, hilarious, smart, important and kind. 

To document this significant transition into adulthood, we sought locations that would truly capture the essence of the duo.

Although it's not standard practice to split my attention between two clients, this duo was the perfect exception to go against the grain. 

Stay gold, Pony Boy.

My word, Jordan. You're stunning.


Hey girl, can I have your number?

You're who Pinterest boards dream about, Makenzie.

Wishing you both the best as you graduate from Elgin High School and MacArthur High School!


Forest: Parallel Forest; Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge
Graffiti: Abandoned building; Lawton, Okla. 
Lake: Lake Lawtonka