A Big Sky Montana Winter Elopement | Brooke + Damon

He proposed with a blue ring pop. She was fresh off a massage wearing a ball cap, yoga pants, and an oversized hoodie, when he asked her - for approximately the 782nd time - if she’d be his forever.

And, when she replayed this story, while sharing as many laughs as she did eye rolls, it only confirmed what I already knew: this was as right as a spring rain on a winter wheat field. 

As Brooke’s soulmate since ‘06, I know a thing or 800 about her. Like most of us, she can’t be pinned down to a single definition. She’s as urban as she is rural, extroverted as she can be introverted, and as adventurous and she can be a homebody.

Damon celebrates all that is both. He’s willing and eager to buy the new suit for a black-tie event and bust a move on the dance floor. And, he’s also the man who waits patiently in a deer stand. I, personally, can’t imagine Brooke in a deer stand, but good for you, Damon.

She needs both.

And she found it in Damon.

Read as: Brooke found her Stacy to her Cody. Aka: introvert to extrovert.

Their story is nothing short of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Two childhood best friends, who knew all the secrets, the two everyone knew should and would be together but never were. Life took them in two very different directions. He, following his passion for wildlife, moved from Nevada to Minnesota, then to Montana, then to Nebraska, and finally home to Oklahoma. And, she, on an alternative timeline called the big cities of North Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee home before returning to Oklahoma.

But like all Hallmark movies, it wasn’t an automatic return things-as-they previously-were. Life has a funny way of bringing people together at the right time, and this timing was serendipitous. Damon settled in to his new leadership position. Brooke launched her business. And, then, more than a year after they both independently returned to Oklahoma, Damon sent a bat signal asking when she’d be back in Oklahoma. She knew.

Taking advantage of a three-day production schedule window, she hopped on a Sacramento to Dallas to Tulsa red eye - the only red eye she’ll ever take, she’s since declared - to eventually walk into a pasture with a hot-burning bonfire as the backdrop to cross that line in the sand. 

And, thank goodness

Because how else would we have these stupendous sub-zero winter wonderland photos.

And, honestly, I’m not sure there’s anyone else I’d drive through a snowstorm, put on approximately 30 layers of winter clothing, and freeze my shooting finger off for.


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